When thousands of chargers talk the same language, everyone’s life is made easier. Our Software solutions  push the boundaries of practical charging by laying the foundation for the most open and connected EV charging network.  Along with the Pulse Management System, we have PulseApp™, a Smart App that integrates into the system and provides endless possibilities for end users.

Pulse’s Charging Point Management System (CPMS)

Our CPMS network seamlessly integrates with our portfolio of hardware, cloud services and support delivering the smoothest possible experience for all businesses and drivers through their devices. When everything works together, electric mobility is easier for all.

It is designed to support and integrate our charge point network with charge point owners of existing compatible hardware to be part of our growing network and customer base. Charge point owners can take advantage of both our management infrastructure, and existing user base to maximize monetization of their assets

Our CPMS provides us with all the technologies and tools to ensure our charging point network or partner CPOs’ needs are met in managing and maintaining such networks. Simplicity helps us save time, offer great service and maximize reliability. And to do this, our CPMS needs to have what it takes:

Features & Benefits

  • CS control, test and commissioning
  • Alarm management and correlation
  • Energy and use monitoring
  • Network performance indicators
  • Fully compatible with all chargers that use OPP protocol
  • User & card management, including customer association, activation, blocking and cancelation
  • Advanced reporting, including station usage and energy sold
  • Customizable portal/app
  • CS search, map location, availability and reservation
  • Notification management, including news, end of charge and upcoming reservations
  • Load Priority Order
  • Load-balancing
  • Fixed Load Distribution

Pulse’s Charging point Management System includes the complete set of remote tools available to ensure charging stations are operating optimally while relaying data and reports which can support informed business decisions. The system checks whether stations are online and available for customer use. It provides a diagnostic tool to enable first-level troubleshooting remotely.Real-time information provided includes charging activity, power usage, maintenance logs and users details and are stored securely.

Smart Application

Along with the Pulse Management System, we have PulseApp™, a Smart App that integrates into the system and provides endless possibilities for end users. Users can view charging stations along their route, check their availability review the service and process payments.

PulseApp™ Smart App role is to ensure:

Optimized monetization

Enabling sustainable profitability of the network and keep cost in check for the consumer.

Increase end-user satisfaction and trust

The high driver satisfaction on our network speaks for itself.

Unlimited choice

With pulse’s cross country solutions, it unlocks access to unlimited number of charging networks across regional countries, making EV travel possible across borders..

Enhancing EV living Habits and Fleet management

Gain insight into driving habits and behaviour to better optimize energy consumption on yours, your family’s or your company EV fleet.

To get started,
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Pulse’s Charge Point Operators Solution and Benefits

As a Charge point operator (CPO), Pulse helps you to plan and install your EV charging stations, for a variety of locations and electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) vendors, and ensure optimal integration and ongoing EV charging operations. This partnership will grow the charging network infrastructure, managing the backend technologies as well the connection between the chargers, to deliver reliable and consistent EV charging. CPO customers will take advantage of Pulse’s eMobility service provision (EMSPs), which will help manage the relationships with electric vehicles drivers and their infrastructure.

How will a Pulse partnership help Charge Point Operators?

All compatible platforms will be polled for real-time information necessary to optimize operations, analyzing business and technical data for effective cooperative planning. Automation is key to reducing TCO. Process automation tools will seamlessly handle transactional and technical issues with minimal employee intervention.

In short, Pulse’s solution for charging stations owners is the least painful and most effective way for monetization and longevity for their infrastructure.